onsdag 8 juni 2011

Retro paper straw

This will be in english so my new acquaintance Jen Smith from Jilly Bean Kids can read it.

A few weeks ago i read one of my favourit blogs, 365 days of breakfast. She hade these lovley striped straws, i felt an urge! I just hade to have them.
I googled and found them, at Jilly Bean Kids. I sent a mail to ask about shipping to sweden, that put me in contact with Jen Smith. She helped me in the best of ways. ♥ her!

DSC_0488Yesterday a package arrived.DSC_0490It contained my new fantastic strawsDSC_0507gingham take out boxes, with a bow. For ex cup cake!DSC_0495Jen sent me a little extra sweet stuff. Crafts!! There were string, tickets, envelopes, a safety pin and two tiiny spools. I loved every bit. I just want to look at it, maybe hold it and almost cuddle it.DSC_0497DSC_0500DSC_0516This is how my new straws turned out! LOVE IT!DSC_0519

So THANK YOU Jen! Its been a pleasure!

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